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Tower Of Fantasy Launches Today On PC And Mobile - Are You Jumping In?

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Tower of Fantasy's long-awaited launch happens today, bringing the open-world RPG to PC and mobile devices. The shared-world, anime-inspired RPG has been out in China for a fair bit now, but today marks the global release of Hotta Studio's sci-fi game.

Often being compared to Genshin Impact, another cross-platform RPG from China, Tower of Fantasy aims to tell a compelling story about the future of mankind. Set on the planet of Aida centuries after being forced off of planet Earth. However, despite coming to their new world, it seems humans gonna human and while trying to capture a new energy source named Omnium, a disaster occurred. 

Tower of Fantasy is an action RPG like many new titles hitting digital shelves these days, complete with weapon swapping and new characters bringing their own unique style. Steven had a chance to go hands-on with Tower of Fantasy during a preview period this past week, coming out of the experience impressed by the combat in particular.

The release happens later on tonight, launching globally at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific, though the client is available for pre-load on both PC (through its own stand-alone client) as well as on iOS and Android. If pre-registration numbers are any indication, there are going to be a lot of people sharing the world of Aida tonight, with over four million global pre-registrations announced earlier this week.

Have you been looking forward to Tower of Fantasy and hopping in this evening? Let us know in the comments below. 


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