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Tower of Fantasy is Opening the Confounding Labyrinth on November 22nd

Next update adds new content under Mirroria

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 The next major Tower of Fantasy update, Confounding Labyrinth, will arrive on November 22nd. The update continues adding content to Mirroria, with the title labyrinth a large structure under the cyberpunk inspired city.

So what else is in the update? There is a mysterious teaser trailer for the new content, showing that there’s something brewing, with visions of a lab, and even now-broken, large cases where some of the simulacra may have come from. One is labeled Ruby, after all.

The narration tells of fog, disturbing noises, and unsettling developments, “outlining the surface of a world on another side. Another realm that has been long forgotten by the world”. Hmm. With the Vera update and the addition of both the desert and Mirroria, the world of Tower of Fantasy expanded by a lot. Now, it seems that there is even more expansion ready to come from Hotta Studio.

The fog, talk of gray curtains, and a mysterious other waiting and calling to the narrator is leading us to something. The teaser itself ends with an approach of this mysterious potential gateway, and after the game’s title and logo pass, we see dark splotches on the ground by the entrance. It also closes on the silhouette of what looks like another of Tower of Fantasy’s huge world bosses.

Whatever is coming, there aren’t a lot of details just yet, but it will almost definitely be adding some new layers to get into. The splash art is also set against the new structure that the teaser features, so get ready to head inside and continue your journey when the update is out in 11 days.

Tower of Fantasy has added Saki Fuwa, so there’s a brand new character to add to your roster and maybe even train up to face the new challenges.

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