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Tower of Fantasy Introduces Roslyn, Police Officer, Seeker of Justice, and Next Simulacrum Coming in 4.0

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Tower of Fantasy’s next major update is coming next week, and 4.0, Gesthos Sector, promises, once again, to shake things up. The newest simulacrum, Roslyn, along with her weapon, Calm Waters, gets an intro in a new trailer.

We’re introduced to Roslyn in a relatable way for many, having to get ready for work when you’re running a little late. With her narration, we learn that she has been promoted to a Special Police Officer after working as a Federation officer for a year and a half. Then we see her at work, talking to motorists with car issues, receiving gratitude, and being chased by a dog. this is just the beginning and the setup, as it's clear that she values justice and work spreading it.

She chases after a thief and high kicks him to stop him in his tracks. Then, things get darker as she addresses an absent old friend and the promises they made as kids, particularly around seeking to spread and promote justice, and wishes her friend could be a police officer with her. Then, we finally get to see Roslyn in action, as she sees reports of rising crime and things being more unsettled in Astra. She goes after some robbers and fights them, citing laws and charges as she goes. Justice is really her calling. 

We expect a full skills showcase to arrive before the update is out on May 28th, but in this trailer, we get to see just a little bit more of Roslyn in action, using her weapon Calm Waters. This weapon is a Frost-Volt type and has a long whip-like chain and an anchor-shaped main body, which makes sense with its water-themed name.

Gesthos Sector will take us to before the Omnium Disaster and into a new zone, with more to turn things on their head in Tower of Fantasy.


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