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Tower of Fantasy Hits 10 Million Downloads, Offers Compensation for Serious Issue

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Tower of Fantasy has hit the milestone of 10 million downloads across its platforms. The team is also working to continue taking care of post-launch issues, and has released an update on the latest issue, along with a compensation announcement.

With launch less than two weeks ago, Tower of Fantasy looks to be keeping up its growth and the team keeps working to address any issues quickly and to continue battling the usual botting and cheating that any game attracts, especially a new popular one.

The latest issue the team was able to take care of was a malfunction of Nemesis’s Special Order, affected gold and chips. What happened was that the limited orders event went offline for the team to fix an issue that was seeing people’s Flame Golds and Overclocking Chips unexpectedly converted into Black Golds and Base Chips The team has responded by reversing all conversions and  those affected should see their gold and chips the same as before the malfunction happened, minus any you may have spent.

The team is issuing a compensation award of 500 Dark Crystals to all today to make up for the issue, and an extra 300 Dark Crystals to anyone affected by the conversion (in addition to the reversal).

This was quick action taken to address the new issue, and another one affecting an inability to claim pre-release rewards. Since launch, the team has been working both 2 create issues with the servers and capacity that happened similar to most new launches but also to help combat botting and cheating and additional rule violations. The team is continuously posting a list of banned accounts and sharing what their processes have found globally. On August 19th, they permanently banned over 8,400 accounts.

For more on the game, head over to Tower of Fantasy.


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