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Tower of Fantasy Gives Yanuo a Flashy Showcase Full of Combos, Concealment and Deadly Strikes

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Tower of Fantasy’s latest simulacrum, Yanuo, was released this week, and the team has released part two of her showcase. Given her dual elemental weapon, the spear, Wicked, and her ability to create powerful combos, the second showcase demonstrates some of why you might want to add her to your roster.

Her lore introduction showed off her role as a double agent, and in this showcase, it is said that people consider her “common”, but she’s full of surprises. One of those is her unique fighting style. She uses combos and specialized throws to create different effects and a number of strategies that she can to target for enemies whether she's auto targeting with hits like throwing her frost/volt weapon, or doing area damage.

In normal attacks, Yanuo will aim with her weapon and throw it. Using a move called Fixate, she’ll throw it in an upward direction, with damage increased with a greater charging time. If you manage to aim at the enemy for more than two and a half seconds while charging, when you release, your weapon will auto-target and hit your enemy's head. 

Shadow Execution becomes available after this, and that weapon skill will send Yanuo over to the site of her thrown weapon for additional options, including the ability to create a time-stop for a moment. This all should be helpful in all kinds of scenarios, but should really come in handy with bosses.

The rest of the Showcase shows off her firepower, her ability to use concealment state which gives her a speed boost and one block within those 60-seconds it lasts. If you’re playing in single-player mode, while concealed, an ice sculpture will appear and attract enemies, taking the heat off Yanuo.

If all of this sounds fun and useful, the full video previews the rest of her kid and details improvements from things like star traits.

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