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Tower of Fantasy Drops Teaser For v3.0, and The Arrival of Domain 9

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Tower of Fantasy is getting an update today and a new simulacrum this week, but the team is already dripping out some hints for what’s to come in version 3.0.

There’s a brief new teaser out for the next version of the game, version 3.0, with Domain 9, a new realm. According to the official description and video caption, “Invitation from New Realm. Listen, it’s the calling from a new realm??. Domain 9, with its distinctive technology and culture, they're no longer secluded”. 

Back when the simulacrum Lan was introduced, she came from an unknown space, and claimed to be from Domain 9. If you’re caught up on the story chapters, then you might also remember “Visitors from Domain 9”, a mission from Chapter 10, Grand Sea Pursuit. The seeds for the 3.0 Domain 9 arrival have been actively planted for a while now, building up some lorethat Hotta Studio is going to follow through and build upon. 

There’s no window for this coming 3.0 update, and we’ve just gotten to a new story chapter today, so we can probably look forward to some more info and teases to come for a bit. We’re still in version 2.5 at this point,  Sound of the Sea. Given how the team has already added content that will be important to the arrival of version 3.0, Not that they are teasing this now with a new video means that it's probably coming sooner rather than later. 

That new story chapter, chapter 11, comes in today’s update, “Grand Sea Return”. The update is now live, and in addition to the new main story chapter, improved Nvidia DLSS support, a number of events beginning, and the foundation has been set for the arrival of the game’s next simulacrum, Rubilia, who becomes available on June 3rd.

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