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Tower of Fantasy Battle Trailer Shows Off Fast, High-Flying Combat, Environments, and Monsters

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There’s a new battle trailer for upcoming shared open-world RPG Tower of Fantasy. The action-filled trailer shows off the game’s fast-paced, sometimes high-flying combat you can expect.

The trailer also shows off some various environments that we might be able to experience in the game. These range from an amusement park with a tall ferris wheel, a city location with green foliage covering towers, some cold and snowy areas, including a forest, and even a mountain overlook. The anime-inspired game is colorful and bright, with fast combat to match, but even the almost quieter moments of the trailer have something to tell about what we can expect.

But when the combat begins, that’s when things get exciting and even take to the sky. Characters dive down and glide around, aiming weapons as they go, while some stay on the ground, armed with colorful weapons. 

“Ready for battle, Wanderer?” the trailer asks, and if you’re ready to become a Wanderer in the game, you’ll have a chance to get wrapped up in all of this colorful and speedy action.

Some details on the weapons came via press release, and there are 12 types and you can equip three weapons at a time, which will help you with combos and strategy.

Combination Attack: When the target of an attack is fully charged, switching weapons can trigger a combo attack.

Phantom Time: Dodge before the monster hits to trigger Phantom Time, and build up the weapon’s original energy. Switching weapons will trigger the combo attack.

Elemental Restraint: Monsters have unique weaknesses, triggering the correct elemental attack to deal more damage.

From swords, to guns, projectiles, to large rings, there are a number of ways to fight. You’ll also have to learn to dodge, execute combos, and enhance your skills if you want to take on everything Tower of Fantasy has to offer. Naturally, you’ll also be better equipped to face some of the giant enemies if you battle alongside some friends. Examples of the large bestiary are also in this video, including via battle in the air.

Tower of Fantasy is currently holding a pre-registration campaign that will unlock rewards for all on its way to a Q3 2022 release. The game is set for launch on PC and mobile. 

For more, head over to the official Tower of Fantasy site.


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