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Tower of Fantasy Announces Annabella, the Next Simulacrum and Her Sniper Rifle, Clover Cross

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Annabella will be the next simulacrum added to Tower of Fantasy when she arrives in the January 12th update. The team debuted a new preview video to introduce her and her special weapon, Clover Cross. 

Annabella is said to have several jobs and presents in a version of a maid outfit. “I make a clean sweep of your home…and your enemies. It’s all covered in my services after all, says the caption on her intro image. Even her weapon, Clover Cross, says MAID on it. The video announcing Annabella gives just a peek at what she can get into, with her ranged attacks making good on that confident assessment that she can take down any enemies you might need handled. She follows the instructions of her mysterious Master.

Clover Cross has the fire elemental power, and from the looks of things in the brief peeks we do get, will be good for both taking down enemies at range as a sniper rifle, and roasting some of the ones that gather. In the preview, she aims and takes down enemies by shooting them, bombing them, and unleashing an ability as she calls out “Ashes of Destruction” that decimates and changes the enemies into what look like coins.

As with other simulacra releases, this will be just the first look and we should expect lots more soon, including a showcase that should reveal the intricacies of what fighting with Clover Cross will look like. Annabella looks like she’ll be a powerful addition to a team.

She’ll be out with the next update on January 12th. Until then, the Tower of Fantasy team will be teasing us and holding an event, Lucky Tarot, where you can spend some tanium to get tarot cards for prizes. Each time you flip a card, you’ll get a random box that is guaranteed new to you. There will be 10 cards to flip and 10 reward opportunities.

For more, head to Tower of Fantasy.


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