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Tower of Fantasy 3.8, 'Celestial Destiny' is Coming April 30th

A new teaser takes us way back, before hinting at what's coming

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Tower of Fantasy’s next chapter, version 3.8, Celestial Destiny, is coming on April 30th, and a new teaser features some very familiar characters in a peek at what is on the way.

In the latest trailer, we get a peek at what’s to come. We see Zeke, who is seemingly recalling memories of things that happened before. We see memories with Shirli, his little sister. She is one of the earliest characters you meet when you first start the game, and also takes the form of the first playable simulacrum, Nemesis. 

Tower of Fantasy is taking us forward, but first, it is taking us back. The team released the new trailer along with the following: “As the story continues to unfold, the past and the future are intertwined, with everything having been Celestial Destiny.

Is Shirli the culprit behind the unusual silence and threat?”

It is a good question, as we don’t have much to go on yet but this tease for the upcoming update. Since the update now has a date, we should expect much more info to be released in the next two weeks, but it’s an effective teaser. Those who’ve been playing Tower of Fantasy for a while will immediately recognize these characters and their own early days, back before the worlds changed, characters entered and left, and a number of invasions and threats were defeated.

If you haven’t gotten everything from the still-ongoing Evangelion Fantasy collaboration, that will be ending completely before this next update. So if you want to, get your Pen Pen and Asuka and Rei event simulacra if you still haven’t yet.

If you’ve been playing Tower of Fantasy for a while, maybe you saw things coming full circle, but probably not. Could Shirli be behind the next threat? April 30th is coming soon.


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