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Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Artificial Island Update Will Add Co-op Raid, New Simulacrum Claudia, and Events

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Tower of Fantasy is preparing for some big updates this fall. The team has issued a new letter to the community thanking players for sticking by through the first month of launch, as well as sharing info on the update and responding to  feedback.

Update 1.5 Artificial Island is coming and it will include a new 8 player co-op raid, a new map, Artificial Island, as well as new content that will let players unlock the home system. The arrival of Claudia, a new simulacrum, along with an event for her release, and a new limited event called Aida Cafe.

The update also fixes several issues, including a few known issues where effects like stun or dodge we're not working properly with several weapons,  As well as a potential exploitable bug.

Speaking of cheating and exploits, the first question answered by the developers in this latest letter is what the team is doing about cheating or otherwise scamming.  More recently, the Tower of Fantasy team has been sharing updates on how many players have been punished or accounts banned for these big rule violations. Here, they pledge several improvements, including improved anti-cheat and faster report processing in order to handle these situations faster. They’ll also continue to publish the lists of suspended and banned accounts regularly to show the work done.

The events on the way include Aida Cafe, where you’ll get three random customers and have to feed them foods that they like. You will be able to obtain ingredients by exploring the world. With Claudia’s release, there’s also the Claudia Limited Cache. If you're able to use special about hers to make special orders during the Lotus Moksha limited special order event, you'll get a chance of obtaining the limited Matrix Claudia with a  boosted drop rate. 

For more, head over to Tower of Fantasy.


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