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Tournament Q&A

Jon Wood Posted:
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The team from SAGA answered our own Garrett Fuller's questions about the game's tournament ruleset.


SAGA is hosting their first tournament series this August. What was it like putting the event together?

SAGA Team:

We don't so much "put events together" the way it was done in dark ages of dial up. Back when I was a community manager with the world's first CCG on the Sony Station in 1998, we had to plan events weeks in advance, have players sign up and show up at a specific time to compete. Players these days want instant gratification on their own schedule. We designed the SAGA tournament system with the modern player in mind.

The SAGA tournament system allows players to start a tournament any time 8 players join the queue, and there is no limit to the number of queues that may be running at any one time. The first tournament format to be released will be the Sealed Deck format. This format is very inexpensive to play, rewards players with some pretty great items and requires no prior grinding to be competitive.

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Jon Wood