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Total War: Warhammer II 'The Shadow & The Blade' DLC Available Now

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Total War: Warhammer II’s The Shadow & The Blade is available now bringing new features for  the Dark Elves and Skaven factions.

The latest DLC introduces two new Legendary Lords for the Dark Elves and Skaven races, both featuring in an interwoven campaign that will culminate in an epic battle for possession of the daemon, Tz'arkan, the Drinker of Worlds, according to the press release.

The Legendary Lords include Malus Darkblade, the scion of Hag Graef. He’s possessed by a daemon of Slaanesh, Tz'arkan the Drinker of Worlds, whom he can call upon in battle to give him great strength. Riding his ever-loyal Cold One, he can inflict tremendous armor piercing damage and instill fear upon his enemies.

Additionally, Deathmaster Snikch is the deadliest assassin known to all Skavendom, and his infamy is only exceeded by the mystery which surrounds his whereabouts at any particular time. Armed with Weeping Blades, he excels at dueling other characters but can rely on his stalk ability to prowl the battlefield undetected.

New units include hero units such as the High Beastmaster and Eshin Sorceror, to ground troops such as the Medusa-bound Bloodwrack Shrine, Scourgerunner Chariots, the Poisoned-Wind Mortar Weapons Team and more.

This Legendary Lords Pack also includes a new update to the base, which includes a free Legendary Lord for Bretonnia, Repanse de Lyonesse, alongside the paladin Henri Le Massif.

You can learn more about the DLC here.


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