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Torchlight: Infinite's Final Closed Beta is Live, With New Character, and First-Time PC Version Beta Access

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Torchlight: Infinite’s final closed beta test is now live, bringing the ARPG into more players’ hands for this test, adding a brand new character, and letting testers into the PC version for the first time.

The closed beta for this reboot and followup in the Torchlight franchise is accessible on PC for the first time via Steam, along with the mobile version on iOS and Android. So if you’re looking to help the devs at XD Games and get a taste of the loot that will await everyone once the game is out in open beta next month, you can get a chance with this final closed beta.

This beta phase also brings a new character, along with her origin trailer. Frostfire Gemma is a mage, one of the many characters you can recruit. Her Whirlwind, and some of the other skills and customizations you can make for her can work with her struggle with the duality of the fire and rage that is inside her as a result of her history. You can help her to realize that all of her power can be used together and channeled into something worthwhile. And powerful.

So if you’re looking for Torchlight-style adventure, dungeons, and of course, loot, Torchlight: Infinite is offering just that. There are new levels available in this beta test phase, including a number of monsters to challenge, some new geographical features to notice on the map for those who’ve been in beta a while, and loot. Some of this loot will also come from the just-added giant new bosses.

With this final closed beta comes the first ability to try the PC version of the game. XD did promise that the PC version was coming, and would be developed with adapted controls to make a smooth move from the original mobile design, and fit better on PC. 

For more info, and how to join the test, which runs through September 18th at 7pm Pacific, head over to Torchlight: Infinite.


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