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Torchlight: Infinite's Final Closed Beta Coming Next Week, This Time Supporting the PC Version

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Torchlight: Infinite will begin its final closed beta next week on September 4th. This is the third closed beta period for the continuation and reimagining of the ARPG series.

The beta test, which includes the PC version this time, will begin on September 4th at 7PM PDT and runs through 7PM PDT on September 18th. There has been new content added for the test, including the new hero, Oracle Thea, some new story levels, monster populations, bosses, and other challenges. 

There are three new story levels and the end of the final chapter promises some impressive new bosses. Developer XD is also touting the new geographical features, Netherrealm 2.0, Erosion craftings, and more on the new content.

The closed beta will feature six classes with 24 talent trees and access to more than 240 skills. You’ll be able to pick your hero and classes using the three skill paddles you choose, letting you have flexibility and control over your build. 

The game doesn't have any skill cooldowns, so you should be able to take out everything in a fast-paced way that gets you a clear path, and a faster one, to your loot. Essentially, you can have access to high customization options on skills for your potential builds, and without cooldowns, nothing to get in the way of using them to grind out some of the many gear options..

XD knows the Torchlight audience and the appeal to the loot-based ARPG fan overall, and with the game first set to release on mobile, making the pace work there. The PC version is still in the works and will be supported for closed beta. 

Earlier this summer, XD noted that the studio was looking towards a planned open beta /launch in October, so this last closed beta test timing fits with that. The Torchlight: Infinite homepage says “Release at October 2022”. This also includes PC.


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