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Torchlight Infinite's Closed Beta Kicks Off Next Week

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Torchlight Infinite's second beta test will begin next week, bringing players back to the mobile ARPG to test it out ahead of a full release. The second round of beta testing brings with it new game modes and more for testers to pour over.

Kicking off on April 24th, the next closed beta test will see new game modes, an expanded endgame, new content as well as Infinite's fifth hero added to the ARPG. Commander Moto, who is described as a "distinguished Ember Tech lecturer," will be available for testing during the beta test.

Torchlight Infinite players will be able to unlock all the heroes, skills, maps and more for free during the beta, giving full access to the content to be tested. XD is building this beta upon the feedback from its first test round with improvements to the skill system, offering what the developer says will be "greater build flexibility."

Torchlight Infinite is set 200 years after the events of Torchlight 2, seeing players protect the world from the Ember Blight, a force that threatens to corrupt the Land of Leptis. The ARPG isn't just being planned for mobile, but also PC, giving more players access to the upcoming title in the franchise. If you're looking to get yourself immersed now and check it out ahead of launch, you can sign up for the mobile beta on TapTap via your Gmail account. We had the chance to check out the ARPG in its previous closed beta, which you can read about here.


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