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Torchlight: Infinite Whispering Mist Adds Horror-Inspired Mystery, New Endgame Content, and First Anniverrsary Gifts

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Torchlight: Infinite, which is marking its first anniversary, is ready to send players into the mysterious mists with the arrival of Season 4: Whispering Mists. The new season is live now, and XD promises a Cthulu-esque horror inspired adventure in dungeon crawling peril.

In the new season, the ARPG puts you in the role of detective in the mysterious new city of Mistville. The name isn’t lying, as there is something about the constant fog and the haunted residents. While you’re out there seeking treasure and new shinies, there's a mystery to solve in the Netherrealm,avoid the residents, and figure out how to keep yourself together in the horror-inspired seasonal content. Use some lanterns to figure out what truth lies in the shadows. 

The update also adds New multiplayer mode that lets you fight together in the mists. Team up with friends to play Torchlight: Infinite in a brand new way. There’s also a new trait for Cateye Erika, giving her power via Ember tech that lets her become Lightning Shadow. Wielding her shocking new powers is one of the things you can look forward to in the season. 

New endgame content arrives in the form of Divine Might Trials. Collect divine Might Emblems from the Six Gods to earn your way into the new endgame competition. New Legendary Gear adjustments are also here to help balance out the endgame.

The update also adds a number of quality of life changes, including a streamlined main story progression and gear adjustments that improve the early game experience. Also included are control adjustments to simplify things for mobile players, including streamlined item pickup and reduced screen shake.

Torchlight: Infinite’s first anniversary is also in effect, with a special celebration that lets you play and unlock anniversary gifts that include a back accessory, appearance boon coupons,  a Pactspirit Optional pack and more.


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