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Torchlight: Infinite Unveils Erika and Previews the Blacksail Season Coming January 12th

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Torchlight: Infinite  is about to get its first major content update of the year, Blacksail, and XD Games has unveiled the next hero to join the game, Erika.

The next update was announced last month, but now XD has details about what to expect from the Blacksail season and the next update, when everything goes live on January 12th. Not only will there be a new hero in Erika, there will also be two new hero traits for Rehan and Moto, which expand your customization possibilities. 

Erika is a Stalker and she wields two blades. She comes from the Ichi Tribe and has a Hero Trait called Wind Stalker. This trait lets her specialize in rapid movements where she can take the opportunity to keep moving between her enemies and strike hard and fast before getting out again.

When it comes to Hero Traits, Rehan and Moto get two of the newest ones to the game. Rehan will  be the first one to get Raging Phantom, which will let Rehan the berserker unite with an ancestor spirit that will attack enemies with Rehan’s own skills. It's like instant backup. Moto gets Charge Calling, which will let him use synthetic troops in a new way, by activating their self-destruct protocol and ordering them into the enemies. Once the troops are near the enemies, they’ll explode.

The Blacksail season will open up the Sea of Void, with much to take on and challenge yourself with, including getting through that sea and to face the king of the pirates, the Lord of the Void Sea. XD streamed a preview of the new season yesterday. There will be a series of balance adjustment and changes, new Legendary gear, new skills, drop adjustments (loot is, after all, important) and of course, new content like the games newest dungeon.

Head to Torchlight: Infinite for more, including a pre-registration campaign for goodies at season start.


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