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Torchlight: Infinite Season 5, Clockwork Ballet, Coming July 4th

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Torchlight: Infinite is heading towards its next season, “Clockwork Ballet”, which will launch on July 4th.

The team released a teaser for the new season, and just a few details for now. Season 5 will get a special preview stream from the team on June 29th, giving a look into the new chapter, new features, new hero abilities, and several system overhauls. XD Games is promising that the new overhauls will refresh and expand the ways to play the ARPG, and maybe even offer some challenge to the Torchlight vets. There will also be new Heroes and new legendary gear.

Details are scant for now, but that’s because they’re promising a number of reveals, including that upcoming stream. The livestream will take place on June 29th at 9:00 a.m. Pacific and the season itself will be out on July 4th at 7 p.m. PDT.  the devs will reveal more details about the upcoming season, feature some live gameplay demos, and be giving away some in-game rewards to enjoy when the season launches.

Clockwork Ballet, from the artwork and teaser, certainly promises some sort of mechanical theme. Torchlight:  Infinite is coming off of a world and time warping, mysterious and foggy season 4's Whispering Mists update, so this should offer another angle on the loot chase to come. Particularly if they keep things fresh with new additions and overhauls.

In a press release announcing the new season, they promise the overhauled systems will have a big impact. “Experience a series of restructured and optimised core systems designed to address community feedback and enhance overall gameplay,” they said.

While the Torchlight: Infinite livestream is set to go into detail, we should see more on the season in the coming weeks.


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