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Torchlight: Infinite Pits Free to Play Players Against a Whale With Unlimited Spending in a Speedrun Challenge

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Looks like Torchlight: Infinite is putting its own spin on trying to answer that question of whether free to play players have a chance against those who spend money on games. Sort of. 

XD has recruited streamer Rich W. Campbell as the ‘whale’ in this “Battle Richie Rich” Speedrun competition, which will see any number of free to play players on one side and Campbell on the other. None of the free players that participate will be allowed to spend any money on the challenge. Both sides will compete in a speedrun challenge to  get through Timemark Six - The Time Traveler and defeat the Traveler boss in the fastest time.

The winning side will get the chance to earn 18,888 Primocyst if they’re in the top 10 F2P players to complete the challenge in the event period. All participants that finish during the event time will get 1,000. 

Anyone that wants to participate in the event, which begins today and runs through November 2nd at 2 PM ET /8 PM CEST, has to make a new account and have no in-game purchases at all. You won’t be able to use the trading house either. 

While no one participating on the free to play side can spend any money in the challenge, Campbell is allowed to spend as much as he wants. With XD looking to show that pay to win isn’t a thing in their game, has agreed to reimburse Campbell double if he wins, but they’re touting the free to play side as having the capacity to win this.

This event isn’t going to answer that question in any general sense, but it is one way to both show off the potential of your free to play ARPG and its tempting supplies of loot, and have some fun pitting many players against one. 


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