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Torchlight Infinite Looks to Revamp Some Skills in Preparation for Closed Beta Test 2

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It’s no secret that Torchlight Infinite impressed us in the first Closed Beta Test. Despite some fun gameplay there were certainly a number of things that needed work, and the team at XD Entertainment has been listening. They’ve recently posted some updates to skills as well as other areas they intend to address before Closed Beta 2 begins later this year.

In a Closed Beta post mortem message on the Torchlight Infinite Discord, XD Entertainment noted that they have compiled the feedback and they aim to address the following features before Closed Beta 2 begins:

  • Gameplay Expansion - Netherrealm gameplay and Timemarks will be expanded with new features
  • Content Enrichment - New heroes, new plots, new gameplay and build possibilities
  • Gameplay Optimization - Pick up system re-design, Netherrealm adjustments, optimization and new additions to hero talents, and a new feature Hero Board

Since then, the team has put together a series of blog posts that indicate they’ve revamped many of the skills, which include the categories of Sentinel and Displacement skills. Sentinels act as stationary totems that can buff you or damage your enemies. Sentinel skills will see a series of updates to the God of Machines trait line, and several new Sentinels will be added in the next closed beta test. You can read up on the new Sentinel skills in the latest developer blog.

For melee-focused heroes, Displacement skills will have their own upgrades to look forward to. The new Displacement skills outlined in the last developer blog will be available for players using a wide range of melee weapons, along with the blink bow, which is made for bow and crossbow hunters. The two new melee skills, forward slash and spinning blade are built to be far more motion centric, so that players can battle on the move, for fast-paced action.

While no news has been revealed related to when Closed Beta 2 will begin, it looks like XD Entertainment is making some progress as they build towards releasing the game. XD has not provided an estimated release date so far, but their aggressive testing phases could point to the possibility that they are pushing for a release sometime this year.


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