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Torchlight: Infinite Brings David Brevik On Board as Consulting Producer Before Open Beta Arrives Oct 12th

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Industry veteran David Brevik has joined XD Games’ Torchlight: Infinite as its consulting producer to help shape the game going forward as open beta approaches.

Brevik is well known for his work on the Diablo franchise and work to foster and shape the first game in that franchise. Following that, he was the project and design lead on Diablo II and with Gazillion Entertainment, the creator of Marvel Heroes, so if you’re looking for someone to help your team with an ARPG, Brevik is a solid pick. 

In a press release, Brevik says “I will join the team as the consulting producer and together we will make the most playable hack and slash game.” XD notes that this will help them on their road to the open beta. “David will aid the team in creating and maintaining a playable and balanced model for Torchlight: Infinite as it prepares to enter open beta,” reads the release.

XD didn’t offer in-depth details about just how he’ll help the team with the game, but says that they will share more later. The open beta release is set for October 12th, so more details should be coming pretty soon. They're also planning some changes for the open beta, including some monetization changes. 

What they are ready to dive into is some of the new content on the way, including the hero Divineshot Carino. Carino is a marksman with ranged bonuses. If you choose the Ammo Expert hero trait, Carino will reload special ammo that will have special effects when you fire. His other hero trait, Lethal Flash, will cause the next attack after he reloads to have extra damage. 

The final closed beta is on now, and still accessible on mobile and PC. Head over to Torchlight: Infinite for more.


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