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Torchlight Infinite Beta Update Includes Early Work on a PC Version

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The developers at XD Games have given an update on the closed beta for Torchlight: Infinite and have announced very early work on a PC version as well.

The update was posted about the third week of closed beta and includes a new dev blog with answers to some community questions and updates on how the beta is going. The first closed beta test featured 10000 slots that filled up fast so for the second test they decided to release beta spots in limited numbers per day in an effort to spread access around a little bit this time.

As for ongoing work, they’ve been working on the main quest and various regions and gave a peek at one we can expect soon: “For example, Ichi Empire, the desert, a place where only wind and sand are permanent, nothing more, will be introduced in our future release. It will bring more challenges to Torchlight Hunters with its extreme map conditions”.

Additional updates include balance optimization passes. Based on player feedback, there were some changes to core talents and damage that affected some player builds that use them. In response,  the dev response is that since it is beta testing, you should expect frequent changes and adjustments. Sometimes they even break a few things. Stacking effects on ailment damage is broken because it's applying too much damage at this time. They can't fully rework it in this update so they will push it to an update in the next release. Anyone used to how it works now we'll have to adjust again.

Torchlight: Infinite is also coming to PC. They’ve begun drafting the PC UI layout and control scheme, adapting the mobile controls to fit for a PC player. There’s still much more to come, including an overhaul of game art. 

For more on Torchlight: Infinite, you can read the beta update here.


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