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Torchlight III Reflects on Rough Launch, Looks Ahead

Early Acces launch was rough

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Torchlight III team earlier reflected on the rough launch, giving an update on their first week of Early Access.

As expected, the servers took a pretty big hit when the game went live. The post notes that the third act will be added for the game in the coming months, which includes the contracts and fame systems, in addition to their as yet unannounced endgame feature.

The post also goes into identifying the biggest issues with the game so far and the steps the team is taking to resolve them. For example, the biggest issue is stability and log in, along with disconnects. To that end, the team posts instructions on what you can do to help the team troubleshoot.

The Reliquary quest breaking issue should be fixed in an upcoming patch, which should hopefully provide some relief. Other issues like no damage occurring in Firebelly Village are still under investigation by the team and have no solutions as of now.

You can check out the full post here, and be sure to report any bugs to the Support Center to assist the team during Early Access.


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