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Torchlight III Receives New Class 'The Cursed Captain' And More in Today's Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest Torchlight III update brings an entirely new class, the Cursed Captain. This free update is available now along with various quality of life improvements, new pets, a new contract, and more.

The Cursed Captain was actually teased last month. If you happened to miss that, you can catch up here. The class is described as a mid-range class which is intended to blast enemies with large cannons in addition to wielding the power to summon ghosts. As the accompanying press release puts it,

“Walking the plank between life and death, the Cursed Captain is the undisputed commander of the high seas. This corporeal new class can summon a crew of undead swashbucklers during combat or blast enemies with twin sabers, powder kegs and other classic pirate weapons. Plus, those who take control of the Cursed Captain can collect doubloons from combat to power his skills. The Cursed Captain has two unique skill trees: Cursed and Piracy. Along with these unique skills, the class also introduces a new class-specific armor type to Torchlight III: capes.”

You can also look forward to several quality of life improvements in today’s update. This includes a new pet system, a new Fur and Fashion contract, improvements to UI, more pet slots, and four new species of companions.

This update is available now across Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. Torchlight III is currently experiencing a sale of sorts across platforms, with more sales set to announce on May 27:

You can learn more about this latest update here. And check out the trailer below. If you’re totally new to Torchlight III, you can check out our review here.


Poorna Shankar