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Torchlight III Patch Fixes Quest and Bugs

Steam first, then consoles

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Torchlight III patch brings a bunch of fixes to quests as well as squashes some bugs.

The team notes that this hotfix is out for Steam which also includes some fixes for the Snow & Steam update. These will be reviewed on the PC version before deployment on console at a later date. This patch provides some general performance fixes specific to server crashes. The majority of fixes, however, come to quests and include:

  • Fixed "Tutorial: From a Humble Seed" getting stuck with no other objectives/tasks.
  • Fixed the “Silky Threads” Dungeon quest that was not possible to finish on a specific seed.
  • Removed "Clue" from quest item drops in "The Artifact" story quest. This was an optional quest item that is not needed to progress the story.
  • Fixed an issue where the player cannot complete Power Up due to missing Ancient Caches for Ember Generator Manual for the Cheat Codes mapworks quest.

The patch also brings fixes to items, gear, contracts, forts, pets, and more. Last month, Torchlight III released on Xbox Game Pass for Console and Cloud. Catch up on that news here.


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