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Torchlight III is Now Available on Xbox Game Pass for Console and Cloud

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Xbox Game Pass continues to provide value as Torchlight III has launched on the service for console and cloud.

The news, which was previously teased, was announced on Twitter and through the official Xbox news channels. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Torchlight III is the successor to the ARPG cult classics, Torchlight I & II, originally developed by Runic Games. Adventurers can party up with friends or venture into the vast wilderness alone, where they will find loot, explore dungeons, collect epic gear and build their very own fort to show off to the world.

Recently, Torchlight III received the Snow & Steam update which brought new pets and gear including legendary weapons like The North Mace, Glacier’s Edge, Frostwall, and My Lil’ General. A bunch of quality of life improvements were included as well like:

  • Added dropdown options in the settings menu for variations of Color Blind mode.
  • Better messaging is provided when a player times out or is disconnected for a specific reason.
  • New "Enable Custom Aspect Ratio" and "Custom Aspect Ratio" options available in Video Settings.
  • Updated the help arc ID display to account for unready linked or shadow account IDs (removed the ‘Newly Created account ID’ text that is displayed.
  • Fixed the link account tooltip is missing on the character select page.


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