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Torchlight III Headed to Xbox Game Pass January 14th for Console and Cloud Play

GamePass FTW!

Steven Weber Posted:
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Have you been on the fence about Torchlight III? Well if you’ve been waiting for the right time to get into Torchlight III there may be no better time than January 14th, when the Echtra Games’ RPG title hits Xbox GamePass.

As Microsoft continues to circulate games through GamePass, there are a growing number of RPG’s that make the service well worth it. The latest ARPG to join the service is Torchlight III, which will be available on both Console and Android through their cloud service.

Recently Microsoft announced that they’ve added the ability for touch controls on many of their cloud-service titles, like Minecraft Dungeons. Hopefully Torchlight III gets the same treatment, allowing players to access and play Torchlight III directly from their phones without requiring any additional peripherals.

Torchlight III recently received its largest update yet, and the team at Echtra Games is looking forward to further updates in 2021. While the GamePass version does not state that it will become available on PC, Xbox does have plans to expand cloud gaming to PC’s throughout 2021, so we could see Torchlight III as well as plenty of other GamePass games previously unavailable to PC players, available for play, before too long.


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