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Torchlight III Getting Closer to a Launch Date

Plus Early Access gifts are in your mailbox

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In a recent State of the Game update on Steam, the Torchlight III team has teased how the game is drawing closer to a launch date.

The team is working on several platforms set for launch,

“We are getting closer and closer to that day and soon we'll be revealing the details about the last wipe and a launch date. It’s taken several years to get to this point, and we are incredibly proud to bring the third installment of the Torchlight series to life.”

The post also discusses how the community has been integral to development and creation. This extends from the business model, end game updates, and beyond. Additionally, the update notes that Early Access gifts have arrived. You can find these gifts in your mailbox. Simply hit ESC to go to your options menu to find your gifts.

Additionally, the post covers off some highly reported and known issues including:

  • Players are reporting that Charge Based Skills are not working properly.
  • Players are reporting that Heat and Endurance gauges can get stuck.
  • Players have reported that Mimics are still not totally hidden via nameplates.
  • Railmasters are reporting problems with their trains either disappearing or feeling clumsy.
  • Reports of forts disconnecting after placing objects like the Luck Tree or Grindy Mill.
  • Australian servers are still not up. We are getting very close!


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