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Torchlight Frontiers Team Details Skill Progression & Leveling Adjustments

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When the next update is deployed into Torchlight Frontiers, it will come with a new skill progression system and a ton of leveling changes. Update 6: Adept's Path is currently scheduled to drop on May 21st.

The changes were made in response to player feedback, according to the blog post. The team wrote that the changes were made to make progress feel more consistent and to allow players agency to plan their builds and to understand what skills will be coming next. Lastly, "the new system must support the addition of future content without needing to rework the whole system".

Every time a player earns a Frontier Level, they will earn a Skill Point to a maximum of 100. These points can be spent in either of two "skill paths", with skills divided among tiers. 

As for leveling, the changes are being implemented to be a compliment to skill progression:

It’s all to do with pacing. Your skill progression is now directly linked to your level, so the pacing has to be adjusted. We’ve doubled the rate at which you gain levels. Additionally, and thanks to player suggestions, we’ve greatly increased the amount of XP received for defeating bosses and champions, and added XP rewards to quests. All of these changes feed into making the skill progression system feel natural, but it also requires that we overhaul the level ranges of the existing Frontiers.

Check out the full blog on the Torchlight Frontiers site.


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