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Torchlight Frontiers - Closed Alpha 3 Coming March 5th without an NDA

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Echtra Games has announced that the third closed alpha event for Torchlight Frontiers will take place on March 5th and thousands of new players will be added in the weeks between then and now. Those who took part in Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 are automatically included in the upcoming event. Perhaps most importantly, participants will be able to write about and stream their impressions thanks to the lifting of the NDA.

Closed Alpha 3 will come with a wipe of characters / progress from earlier events so all players will be starting on even footing. It is unknown (so far!) if any new races or classes will be added but here's hoping!

We started off doing short weekend tests to wreck the servers for Closed Alpha 1 and 2. We won; the servers are stable. Now we're here to run a test where you can really dive deep and get a good feel for the systems and mechanics in Torchlight Frontiers. We're going to keep the game up, keep you playing, and keep making regular releases of new features and content while we learn from players and react to your feedback. When does it end, you ask? We’re jumping into testing our live service and have no plans to turn off the alpha servers - so play, play, play! If you haven’t already, sign up here for a chance to be invited. Let's build the future of Torchlightnow, together.

You can expect a full set of patch notes prior to March 5th, but here’s a short summary of significant improvements:

  • Frontier Levels have replaced the old Weapon and Armor Skills
  • Wardrobes are now available to store your gear collection within your Fort
  • New Mapworks features
  • Pet equipment slots 
  • Expanded Hyvid Frontier area and quests
  • New intro experience
  • Improved Waypoint system

Check out the Torchlight Frontiers Twitch channel to see the stream.

Watch live video from PlayTorchlight on www.twitch.tv


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