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Torchlight Frontiers Closed Alpha 3 Begins with Patch Notes & a Handy FAQ

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The 24/7 version of the Torchlight Frontiers alpha sees players able to share their experiences with the game through streaming, screenshots, articles, Reddit posts and more. Many of the changes listed in the latest update notes reflect updates based on player feedback. There are new quests, a new starter experience before being thrown onto the Goblin Frontier, new crafting recipes, the introduction of Wardrobes and Frontier Levels and much more.

Tyler Thompson, Project Lead, had this to say to fans and testers:

The months between Closed Alpha 2 & 3 have given us an opportunity to respond to feedback, add new content, make new systems and squash hordes of bugs.  Although this patch list describes a large chunk of changes, it actually represents a minor fraction of the work that we’ve been doing.  We have big projects that we just aren’t ready to talk about.

Closed Alpha 3 marks a massive transition for Torchlight Frontiers.  We’ve lifted the NDA - streaming will happen.  One last character wipe, and then no more character wipes - we really and truly aim for that to be true. The game will be up 24/7 from now on.  Players can reach the far corners of the content instead of just the first couple areas. We are excited to have players living in the game and telling us about the awesome and the ugly.

Alpha 3 begins our full journey together to make this into a great game.  It’s going to be a fun ride. Thanks for joining us."

Read the full update notes and the handy FAQ on the Torchlight Frontiers site.


Suzie Ford

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