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Torchlight Frontiers Blog Examines Your Virtual Safe Spot

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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In Torchlight Frontiers, players will have access to a Fort, a literal safe spot during your journey through the game world. In a new blog post on the game's official site, we get a sneak peek at Forts and what they bring to the player.

Players will gain access to Forts early in the game but players will have broad agency to design something that suits them AND that provides both "expanded power" through "special buildings and gaining account-wide benefits for all of" a player's characters.

While in the fort, players can construct away and the best part? There is a Crafting and Storage feature that allows players to "create new objects and select from the collection to place stuff in the world".

Developers are excited at the "tons of decorative assets" they've already created. Some will come "out of the box" when a player access their Fort, but others will be able to be found and crafted to expand the number of ways that the space can be decorated.

Players will have access to a number of types of buildings that can, when upgraded, enhance and unlock "new powers and choices" across an account. A couple of examples of buildings include:

  • each class has a dedicated building where players can buy active and passive skills. Other characters of the same class can access it too. Upgrading it leads to new advancement paths & more.
  • Account Stash

You’ll encounter the Forts of other players while adventuring through the world. These make a great pit stop, and a chance to use other players’ advanced buildings to give your own character a boost. When you’re grouping and making friends with other players make sure to check out their Forts and see how you can help each other!

This will add to the shared world aspect of Torchlight Frontiers and give players important reasons to seek out and forge connections with each other to exchange their specializations.

Check out the full post on the Torchlight Frontiers site.


Suzie Ford

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