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Torchlight 3 Teases a New Class - The Cursed Captain

Steven Weber Posted:
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If there’s one thing we’ve learned from dozens of swashbuckling, sea-farers in games and media, if you’re a Pirate Captain, there’s a good chance you’re probably cursed. Luckily in Torchlight 3, that might just be a good thing, as the Cursed Captain class is shaping up to be a powerful mid-range damage dealer.

In the latest article from Echtra Games, the team divulged the Tale of the Cursed Captain, in pure sea-shanty form. The Captain will be a mid-range class with epic cannons and the ability to summon ghostly crewmates to battle alongside you. With the Captain joining the game, players will finally be able to fulfill a proper summoner role, as several types of crew mates can be assembled, such as Cannoneers, Rifleman and your First Mate.

Despite being a powerful summoner, the Captain is meant to stand on his own as well. Armed with a cannon, players will be able to stand toe to toe with the hordes of enemies without needing to rely on their ghostly companions. If you’re excited to try the new class, you don’t have too long to wait, as the new class is planned for sometime in the middle of May.

That isn’t all that Torchlight 3 has going on either. Four new pet species are headed to the game with over forty new variants. More pet slots will be added, along with a better pet UI and bug fixes. If you aren’t sure whether now is the time to get into Torchlight 3, there actually may be no better time. Recently Echtra announced that Torchlight 3 is available on Xbox Game Pass. In the latest update the team has also confirmed that the game is not only available for the Xbox and Cloud version of Game Pass, but you can also play the game on Xbox Game Pass for PC:

“Although we had a bit of a rocky launch, Torchlight III is now available (including hotfix) to Game Pass for PC subscribers! Both the Xbox and Game Pass versions have been updated to the most current version.” -Echtra Bean

Torchlight 3 released in June of 2020, after going through some fundamental changes from its initial vision as an MMORPG titled Torchlight Frontiers. Recently Echtra games was purchased by mobile giant Zynga, as the enormous publisher looks to expand its offerings on to other platforms.


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