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Torbjorn is Getting a Rework Complete with a Self-Deploying, Self-Upgrading Turret

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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VG247 has an exclusive look at some big changes coming for one of the most defensive characters in Overwatch: Torbjorn. The goal is to make him feel like a viable choice from the get go, not just after setting up his turret, upgrading it and armoring up his companions. With that in mind, he's getting a big overhaul.

Here's what's currently in testing:

  • Torbjorn is able to "throw" a turret out a short distance (about the same distance as Tracer's Pulse Bomb) and it will self-deploy and upgrade to level 2. No hammering required.
  • This allows Torb to go back on offense quickly 
  • The team is trying to tune Molten Core to be a normal ability but it still may not make the cut
  • As yet, there is no ultimate named or described
  • No word when a Torb rework will come into the game

You can check out the full interview over at VG247.


Suzie Ford

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