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Topping Announces Competitive A50S Headphone Amp, HiFi Go is Giving One Away

Elegant and powerful

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Courtesy of HiFi Go, Topping has unveiled their latest headphone amplifier, the A50S. It’s a powerful little amp, offering 1950mW into 32 Ohms, which should drive virtually any set of headphones you throw at it. It also offers a balanced connection and a downright elegant sense of style. Pre-orders are open now for $199 ahead of its October 15th launch, but you can win one for free at this link.

You don’t have to be an audiophile to know that audio is important. It underscores our entire gaming experience, which is exactly why we at MMORPG have always supported buying a great pair of headphones, even if that means ditching a traditional gaming headset. Depending on the headphones you choose, you could make them sound even better with a dedicated headphone amp, which is where the Topping A50S comes in.

The A50S is a high-end standalone amplifier, pictured on top of the stack in the picture above. It’s made from CNC-milled aluminum, which lends it a very elegant look, especially when paired with the match D50S DAC (sold separately). It offers 1950mW into 32 ohms and up to 208mW into 300 ohms. Put simply, that makes this amp powerful enough to drive virtually any headphone. Here’s the full rundown of specs.

Unlike some other amplifiers in this price range, the A50S also supports balanced output, as well as a number of other features. Dual gain stages mean you can use it with everything from IEMs to those Beyerdynamics you’ve been sitting on. It also supports automatic switching between the pre-amp and amplifier modes, so when you unplug your headphones, it will automatically switch to powering your speakers instead.

The A50S will retail for $199 but you can win one for free now with HiFiGo’s giveaway. Head on over and enter to win!


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