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Top 2016 Moments & Amberfaet Revealed in Latest Newsletter

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The latest edition of the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen newsletter is hot off the press and live on the game's official site. It begins with a nice list of ten seminal moments from 2016 that include new aspects of the game revealed over the course of the year, expanded media coverage throughout 2016, the growth of the team, Twitch streams and more. From there, fans get a first look at the second Dwarven kingdom of Amberfaet and the community spotlight shines on "Kelem".

Amberfaet is a group-centric area that contains a number of "crafting intrigues and one that features a "boss" that the team promises "will not be easy" both to reach and to defeat. 

What makes Amberfaet different from other dungeons one may see in other MMOs?

Probably the most distinctive difference would be the non-linear, vertical dungeon design. It is a sprawling, icy maze that goes up, up, up. The Climbing skill will play a big role in the ascent and exploration of the area, and we think players will really enjoy getting "off-rails" in such an expansive and dangerous environment.

Check out the full newsletter on the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen site.


Suzie Ford

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