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Too many updates!

Matthew Goodard Posted:
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The Dev team for Atriach has not had as much time as they hoped to be posting updates like they wanted.  Instead they decided to throw all of the updates in one huge article.  You can check out all the commotion here! http://www.atriarch.com/news/news.html

Unique Grouping!
The ability to group in this game doesn't draw a line at fighting/questing.  Atriach has a detailed format of what you would like to happen while being grouped!  The possibility of being grouped to two different parties sound interesting!? Read up!

Native (NPC) Pathing!
Some unique and interesting updates on this.  NPC's need to adapt to an ever changing world but still have a path to follow so they don't run into objects, get stuck or get lost.  They said it's a challenge, and they're willing to finish it.

NPC Death!
As for birth, they needed death and a way that the body dissolves.  So they decided to have the bodys slowly decay, sounds pretty interesting!

Overpowered Spawnlings!
These little critters are birthed as small guys with a system implemented to have them grow.  With the growth they have real life growth system including, mass, health and energy.  The problem was that they were too fast and strong, the system didn't implement the physics!

Some miscellaneous fixes along with a look into the future of the next news update... Go to their website and have a look at what is to come! www.atriarch.com


Matthew Goodard