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Tomorrow, You Can Craft Zhaitan-Inspired Legendary Weapon Skins in Guild Wars 2

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Beginning tomorrow in Guild Wars 2, you'll be able to start creating the first set of Elder Dragon variant skins for your Aurene-based legendary weapons if you have unlocked them in End of Dragons. The first set will be craftable and the second chapter of Living World season 1, Sky Pirates, will also go live.

The first set of available weapons skins you’ll be able to craft are based on the Elder Dragon Zhaitan, who led a horrible destruction and corruption across Tyria. Known as the Dragon of Death and Shadow, Zhaitan raised the nation of Orr and led undead minions, and corrupt factions, leaving destruction behind.

Now, you’ll be able to commemorate this destructive force in Tyria’s history with weapon skins. Once you bind one of the Aurene-based legendary weapons in your armory, you’ll begin a process that I will show you the steps you need to create the weapon skins. You'll get a letter with directions and have the opportunity to unlock an achievement. This achievement is par t of a brand new meta-achievement.

Among your tasks will be to begin the Aurene’s Facet of Shadows collection, which you’ll be able to build upon later. Once you have all the tasks finished, you'll be able to obtain one legendary weapon skin for any of the Aurene-based legendary weapons that you bound to your account. There are 16 available skins, so  if you are willing to complete the collection and collect all 16 you will get a new title, facet of Shadow and death.

If Zhaitan is not your thing, there’s good news. Legendary weapon variant skins based on the other Elder Dragons will be available in the future.

For more on the weapon skin unlock process, or the release of Sky Pirates, head over to Guild Wars 2.


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