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Tomorrow, Take on Vykas in Lost Ark, Enter the Thronespire, and More in Wrath of the Covetous Legion

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After being delayed by a week, the Lost Ark June update, Wrath of the Covetous Legion, will be out tomorrow. You'll be able to take on the new Vykas Legion raid, a new Guardian raid, the new Thronespire solo dungeon, get a new leopard pet, and even visit a new event island. Lost Ark will also change its regular updates to Wednesdays beginning next week.

For those who have been waiting, the Vykas legion raid is the second Legion raid in Lost Ark and you will face Covetous Legion members before you battle commander Vykas in her special Garden of Crimson Delights. This is an 8-player Legion raid and there will be no revives after mid-battle. The raid introduces new mechanics and characteristics, and because of the difficulty, this raid has three gates. For those who want to be ready, you'll have to have item level 1430 in order to try normal difficulty or 1460 for hard.

There’s also a new Guardian Raid for item level 1460+. Kungelanium, “the frost predator” will be available for the challenging solo, in a party, or in a matchmade group. 

With the arrival of the second Legion raid, the Relic quality gear sets at Legion Commander gear crafting NPCs will now require materials that you get from both Valtan and Vykas raids in order to craft complete sets. The new raid introduces two new items.

Thronespire, a 50-level solo dungeon is also arriving to give you some new challenges to take on. As with similar horde towers, you battle as many of the levels as you can until you run out of time. The demon legions are spawning and will be relentless. If you complete the first 25 levels, you'll get first time clear rewards.

A new event island, Heartbeat Island, is just the opposite, since it’s designed for relaxation. You can have fun, rest, and earn coins sometimes even just for relaxing in specific areas, for dancing, and other activities designed to be less stressful than a demon horde tower.

Read the full notes for tomorrow’s update over at Lost Ark.


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