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Tomorrow, Swords of Legends Online Opens New PvP Season, Adds Hard Mode Dungeons, and Heroic Events

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The start of a new PVP season, new hard mode dungeons, new items, new Heroic events, and more are in the next Swords of Legends Online update coming tomorrow.

A new PvP season is here, called New Moon, and you’ll be able to participate in lots of PvP opportunities to grab gear, titles, new accolades, amotes, and other rewards. Earn New Moon Seals to trade for items. You have options, including Garden of Blades - Battle Squad and The Battle of the Sea of Clouds. 

If you win the Battle Squad you will get Battle Squad Points based on the ranking at the end of the season to earn special rewards. This is a long-term goal because the top 10 in the ranks will receive a new accolade, New Moon Master and the top 80 ranked players will get the New Moon emote.

The Season of the Sea of Clouds involves grouping with your Alliance taking on the Ice Crystal quest and collecting Alliance resources that you use to be able to participate in The Battle of the Sea of Clouds. Take it on weekly to see if your group can seize the island and fight for the trade mount reward, Red Jade Sceptre. 

The new patch opens up hard mode for two recently-added dungeons, Three-Legged Sea and Wild Demon Isle. Both of these unlock tomorrow and are for 5 to 10 players, with item level 225 gear the top possible item drops. 

This week's update also adds two random Heroic events that will be available on the newly-opened Peace Domain: Realm of Light map. You might be able to fight some invading Biyoujis if you get to the Event Zone.

The update also opens up a weekly quest during the Moonsea event. The first quest opens tomorrow and you’ll need to finish one before you can take on the next one and complete them all by the end of the event. 

There are also a number of bug fixes coming, as well as additional new items. You can read the full patch notes over at Swords of Legends Online. 


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