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Tomorrow, New World Brings Back An Updated Winter Convergence and Adds The First Mashup Expedition

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The return of the Winter Convergence is almost here for New World. Tomorrow's update will launch the updated version of the event, which features of brand new world boss, the Winter Warrior, as well as the first mash-up Expedition, and much more.

This update will bring to life some of what the New World team has been talking about in terms of goals and what they have in store for both improvements and challenges. Amazon recently released an updated roadmap with the outline of what we can expect in the Spring and Summer updates. But first, we’ve got some wintery updates to get through.

The Winter Convergence Festival is back, with seasonal quests, rewards like housing items, emotes, and skins. If you’re up for a fight, however, this time you can get a group of 20+ players together to go take down the new world boss for the event, the Winter Warrior. You’ll face him and his Frigid Folk, who are working to spread forever winter all across Aeternum. Slay the boss and get your hands on some new seasonal loot.

This update will also bring the first mash-up expedition. Starstone Barrows and Amrine will get a mix together in a new feature that looks to take some of the earlier content that many know well and offer a new way to be challenged. This expedition could get you the new Heartrune, Bile Bomb, which grants you the ability to projectile vomit a noxious DoT cloud over enemies.

The update features some major changes to Trade Skills, with leveling  getting some adjustments to make them more accessible. Expect a few changes like some recipes to no longer be locked behind tiers and various lower Azoth costs for recipes.

There’s a new effort by Amazon to curtail the use of shell Companies, where the same group winds up in charge of Companies and territory is held out of fair competition. The changes coming are intended to make these shell Companies less effective by limiting the number of mercenaries a Company can recruit, adding a one-War limit–one attacking and one defensive–per day until 5 AM server time, and adding a 72-hour cooldown on Company switching.

For full details, head to New World.


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