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Tomorrow, Neverwinter Opens the Hero's Path and Neverember Recruitment to Ease Your Journey to Endgame

New progression systems are launching alongside Demonweb Pits, the 26th module

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The Hero’s Path will roll out tomorrow in Neverwinter, a new progression system for new and lower-level characters. Neverwinter is also opening up a new recruitment event for new characters as well to help them along on that road to hitting the level cap of 20.

Both of these are clearly designed to help new characters to progress and learn the ropes when joining Neverwinter. A number of games have been working on new player experience updates and changes, and even whole new systems, and Cryptic Studios has now joined that group for Neverwinter's 10th anniversary.

The Hero's Path will go live on all platforms,  accompanying the release of the 26th module, Demonweb Pits. It is described as” an all new Meta Adventure in our Adventure system, meant to guide players through the various progression systems Neverwinter has to offer”.

In practical terms, these are designed to let players learn all of the different systems that they'll need to focus on in order to progress their characters successfully. Once they've reached level 20, they'll have knowledge of  things like mount and companion bolster, enchantments, insignias, mount collars, and additional progression knowledge like milestones. These Milestones include things like learning to get your equipped enchantments up to Legendary quality.

In addition to being a Meta Adventure and a way to get some hands-on tutorial-type lessons under your belt, The players choosing to take the hero's path will get you take part and complete a number of activities, like random queues, training with Instructor Corbin in advanced combat tactics, and more things that will be very useful on your journey as you progress. 

It’s designed both to help you progress all the way through to the level cap of 20 but to give a top to bottom preparation through your whole journey.

The Neverember’s Recruitment event is also beginning tomorrow, And any new character that login during the event, which runs through August 22nd, will get extra rewards while they're leveling, as well as special Neverember Incentives. Those incentives will be something you can exchange for account-wide rewards later.

Each level from 1-20 will earn you a reward box that contains one guaranteed item and additional currency and more. These items could be a small bag of holding with 12 slots, a new mount, a new companion, a free bank slot voucher, and more to make the journey to endgame a little easier.

See all the level 1 to 20 rewards and find out more info over at Neverwinter.


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