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Tombs of Amascut Comes to Old School RuneScape on August 24th, Offering Some Best in Slot Gear

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Tombs of Amascut, after a couple of rounds of community feedback, is coming soon to  Old School RuneScape. The new members-only raid will be released on August 24th and Jagex is touting it as the most challenging, but also customizable, raid they’ve featured.

Those are big words, so what challenges will await? Previous content broadening the lore was introduced in features like the Beneath Cursed Sands master quest. This new raid, Tombs of Amascut, directly follows that quest, so if you haven’t completed it yet, you’ve got a week to get things settled there and earn your rewards. Naturally, things don’t get wrapped up nearly with that quest, and your new task is to stop Amascut from ascending to godhood. A simple task, probably. Or not.

Jagex is introducing a new system here with this raid, known as the invocation system. Before you enter the raid, you’ll be able to choose from certain modifiers that affect certain elements of the raid. If you debuff something, it will be easier to complete. 

You will be able to see the reward potential of any choices you make before committing to them. Changing nothing will hold your raid level at 0 and will still offer rewards. Raid level 0-149 will be “Entry Mode”, 150-299, Normal, and over 300 is Expert. Effectively, pick from the options and if you apply some modifiers that raise the level and make the raid harder, you can expect better rewards. 

By better, it could mean some of the best in slot pieces you can get. Some of those best in slot rewards include the two-handed staff, Shadow of Tumenken and the three-piece ranging set, Masori armour. So if you want a shot at these and more of the loot introduced with the new raid, you’ll have to stack some invocations and increase the challenge of the raid. 

For more, head over to Old School RuneScape.


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