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Tomb of Annihilation Available to Consolers Everywhere

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Consolers alert! The most recent Neverwinter update with a decidedly Jurassic feel to it is now available for both PlayStation 4 and XBox One. Tomb of Annihilation brings the console version of NW up to speed with the PC version and introduces the Peninsula of Chult, a jungle zone infested with dinosaurs, the undead and much more. Players will enjoy a new campaign and an end-game dungeon when venturing outside the hub location called Port Nyanzaru.

  • Tomb of the Nine Gods Dungeon: An end-game experience is now available on consoles for seasoned adventurers with a knack for feats of daring. This dungeon features powerful bosses, ancient puzzles and a challenge unlike any before in Neverwinter.
  • Monster Hunts with Volo: The famed explorer and monster authority ventures to Chult, offering players the opportunity to track and catalogue local beasts. D&D game designer and all-around maestro, Chris Perkins, voices the famous Volo inNeverwinter.
  • Tomb of Annihilation Campaign: Following the conclusion of the Death Curse storyline, players will open up an end-game campaign exploring the Soshenstar River, leading into the heart of Chult to unlock new boons.

Find out more by visiting the Neverwinter site.


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