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Tok's Proving Grounds, a Puzzle-Laden Dungeon for the Insane

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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For those who love puzzles, the new Rift dungeon, Tok's Proving Grounds, may provide just the challenge they're looking for. The dungeon is entirely made up of puzzles including just finding it to begin with: "Search for a Platonic solid somewhere in the village of Alittu". Riiiiiight...

Reading up on just what a Platonic solid is marks a solid beginning as geometry "could be" useful in Tok's Proving Ground. The challenging quest line is meant for soloists or duos and yields appearance gear. 

"You'll benefit from your new knowledge in this dungeon, where victory is not measured in hit points or damage, but rather by skill, knowledge and determination."

The write up on the Rift site is filled with spoilers (including a video) so intrepid puzzlers may want to stay away. For the other 99%, you can visit the Rift page to read more about Tok's Proving Grounds.

Thanks so much, Allerleirauh!


Suzie Ford

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