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Together We Rule, Humankind's First Expansion Adds Cultures and Collaboration, Along with Espionage and More

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Together We Rule, the first expansion for Humankind, has launched, bringing new features, six new cultures, the new agent units, and more. The base game also gets a special free update, Metternich, which adds stealth  and diplomacy mechanics, third-party reinforcements, and other improvements.

First announced back in September, Together We Rule expands the strategy game’s reach and broadens the opportunities within. The six new cultures in the expansion are the Han Chinese, Sumerians, Bulgarians, Scots, Singaporeans, and the Swiss. Agents also enter the game, and the new unit will gather Leverage for you. These agents will also let you conduct infiltration and sabotage, as well as disinformation on your own culture’s behalf.

The Congress of Humankind has been established, letting all players have a vote on global policies and doctrines, as well as how to handle international conflicts. There is also now an Embassy feature, which you can use to sign agreements or use the Leverage you’ve collected to turn things to your favor.

With the addition of new cultures, the expansion also brings a new feature, Diplomatic Affinity, which lets cultures take a larger role in diplomacy. As an active ability, this new option allows for a territory to be demilitarized for 10 turns, with the passive ability included lets all units collect Leverage.

Outside the cultures and new diplomatic and espionage angles, there are also six new wonders added, including the Palace of Versailles, the Congress of Humankind HQ, Chocolate Hills, and Monument Valley. There are also new narrative events and some additional music added with all of the new features.

The base game also gets the free Metternich update, which adds stealth units, which lets you send these concealed units into territories until their stealth value reaches zero and you risk discovery. You can also now sign treaties with independent people, and if you do want to help your allies, sending in third-party reinforcements into a conflict is also now live.

The new Together We Rule expansion is live for PC for $19.99/€19.99/£15.99. Read the full update notes over at Games2Gether for Humankind.


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