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Todd Howard Confirms Year 2 of DLC for Starfield, Doesn't Want to Rush Fallout

Casey Bell Posted:
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YouTuber MrMattyPlays had a chance to sit down with Bethesda Softworks’ Todd Howard and the two discussed a wide range of topics, including the studio’s plans for Fallout and Starfield.

On Fallout, Howard noted that “Fallout has never been more popular” owing much of that jump to Amazon’s Fallout television series. Still, Todd doesn’t see a need to rush a new mainline entry in the series. We tend to agree. Getting it right is better than getting it to us faster.

When it comes to Starfield, plans are a bit more concrete. Howard confirmed a Year 2 of DLC for Starfield, stating that they’re already planning for the game’s second major DLC.

Until then, players can look forward to Starfield’s first expansion, Shattered Space, later this fall. In his conversation with Matty, Howard revealed that Shattered Space would primarily take place in a single area and was built more traditionally by Bethesda. The scope and design of the expansion was compared to Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC.

Bethesda unveiled Shattered Space at this year’s Xbox Games Showcase with a new trailer.  The DLC’s story will center on House Va’Ruun, a theocratic faction that worships the Great Serpent. The faction was touched on some in the base game, but will be explored more fully in Shattered Space.


Casey Bell