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Today's Black Desert Mobile Patch Releases New Zone a New World Boss and Other Spooky Offerings

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Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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Today’s Black Desert Mobile patch introduces a lot of content for mobile adventurers. They are introducing a new zone, Cron Castle Royal Garden, a new Hadum World Boss, Kzarka, and as if that wasn’t enough, Halloween has hit the game, with skulls and pumpkins galore.

In addition to the new zone and world boss, Path of Glory Season 2 has also started, where players will be tasked to put together a team of 6 to defend a castle from waves of enemies. There is quite a bit in the latest update, but what would a late October update be without some Halloween fun. Players will have some Halloween mini-puzzles to complete for special rewards until November 9th.

Pearl Abyss is also extending its partnership with Prime Gaming for an additional three months until January 19th. New rewards have been added, such as a tier 5 pet, an abyssal crystal chest, and a holy vial of light. All you need to do is log into the in-game tab with your Amazon Prime account.

Black Desert Mobile also recently released the Tamer class, as well as Hadum’s Realm, two updates that show how diligently the team has been working, to keep content fresh in Black Desert Mobile.


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