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Today on GameSpace.com - Poorna Shankar on the Fact that Facts Matter

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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In his latest GameSpace.com article, Poorna Shankar offers insight on why facts matter in gaming when it comes to making an informed decision. He offers thoughts about key issues in gaming from cloud saves to framerates (to name two) and the importance of using fundamental facts as the foundation for making the very best decisions.

I have come to accept the hard truth that no matter what I do, people will outright dismiss facts. They will accuse me not assessing all facts before I “attack” things. They will accuse me of not understanding that what works for me doesn’t work for them. They will become emotionally angry at me for saying things they don’t want to hear simply because it challenges their belief (and they don’t want to accept that). No matter what I say, people just won’t ever listen. They will outright dismiss me for simply stating facts that challenge their belief (see the “what works for you doesn’t work for me” section above).

Check it out at GameSpace.com and let us know what you think!


Suzie Ford

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