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Today is the Last Day to Enter ESO's Tamriel Together Guild Contest

Rewards up for grabs

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Listen up, adventurers! Today is the final day for you and your Elder Scrolls Online guild to enter the Tamriel Together guild contest for a chance to win custom collectibles.

The campaign is meant to show off your guild and create a recruitment video or poster. If you want to enter, you’ll have to create a recruitment themed poster or video including info to help other players find your guild. If you’re submitting video, it can’t be longer than two minutes and must be uploaded. If you’re creating a poster, it has to be in PNG or JPG formats. Oh and here’s the important part. Enter your poster or video with this form. You have until 11:59p ET today to submit.

What you win? Two grand prize winners (one per category) will receive 3000 crown for each guild member, along with a unique mount decorated in that guild’s tabard. You’ll also receive a wall banner for the guild’s tavern. Each guild member will also receive a house furnishing banner, and a house furnishing book.

You can check out full reward details and more here, along with the official rules.


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